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Hugo Boss is a German fashion company which has gained international esteem for its modern expressions of classic styles
Many sunglass wearers have felt that for too long there has only been one type of product to retain glasses, sunglasses and safety glasses – a sweaty, irritating strip of fabric hanging down our collective necks that snags and pulls at every opportunity
A warm and dazzling sun light embraces you, giving off a strong vital energy that seems to be part of your own essence
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Juicy Couture sunglasses offer the same practicality with which Juicy Couture was streamlined for since their conception in 1994
The Kate Spade fashion line was created in 1994 by namesake Kate Spade after working in a fashion magazine and discovering the need for high quality handbags at reasonable prices
Since its conception in 1974, Liz Claiborne has relied on practicality to insure success
Marc Jacobs, the youngest designer ever to win the CFDA Perry Ellis Award for New Fashion Talent, is to America what Miuccia Prada is to Italy: the can?t-miss designer who stuns and delights the fashion world each year
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